Dingo Indoor Research Robot unveiled by Clearpath at IROS 2019

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Dingo Indoor Research Robot unveiled by Clearpath at IROS 2019

Dingo can come with omnidirectional wheels. Source: Clearpath Robotics

MACAU, China — Clearpath Robotics Inc. today announced Dingo Indoor Research Robot at the International Conference for Intelligent Robots and Systems here. The company said the mobile robot is a compact, lightweight, and cost-effective indoor platform that is extensible and programmable. Dingo is designed to accelerate robotics research and education, it said.

“Dingo offers the reliability and flexibility our customers expect from a Clearpath robot, at an approachable price point,” stated Julian Ware, general manager at Clearpath Robotics. “We have seen a gap in the market for a system with these capabilities and believe Dingo is a cost-effective, ROS-ready indoor platform suitable for benchtop and laboratory testing. The lower cost also makes the use of multi-robot systems more accessible than with other robots.”

Clearpath said Dingo will be offered in two drive configurations – differential and omnidirectional – making it suitable for a wide range of indoor robotics applications ranging from autonomous navigation, mobile manipulation, and mapping. Its lightweight, compact design and accompanying tutorials make it ideal for classroom and lab teaching.

Dingo robot with Veoldyne lidar

Dingo Indoor Research Robot with a Velodyne lidar. Source: Clearpath Robotics

Dingo has a modular design

With a focus on modularity, Dingo will launch with a range of computing options. Clearpath said it is possible to upgrade its battery power, allowing users to fully customize the robot to their specific applications. Dingo can reach speeds of 1.3 meters per second (2.9 mph) and carry a payload of up to 20kg (44 lb.).

Designed for end-to-end integration and customization, Dingo includes wheel encoders, programmable front-facing LED lights, and a payload mounting system. The robot also includes tool-less access to user power and communication ports for integrating sensors, manipulators, and other third-party hardware.

Like all of Clearpath mobile robots, Dingo comes with the Robot Operating System (ROS) preconfigured and a Gazebo simulation model. This enables researchers to get started quickly with existing research and widely available open-source ROS libraries, said the company.

Clearpath is showing Dingo at Booth A03 on the exhibition floor of the International Conference for Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) from Nov. 4 to 8, 2019.

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About Clearpath Rfobotics

Kitchener, Ontario-based Clearpath Robotics is a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development. The company provides hardware, software, and services to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment, and operation. Clearpath works with more than 500 of the world’s most innovative brands in over 40 countries, serving markets including industrial materials handling, mining, military, agriculture, aerospace, and academia.

Clearpath is an award-winning company with recent awards, including the Edison Award for Innovation, Business Insider Top 40 under 40, and Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

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