Dextrous Robotics exits stealth; how robots impact the future of work

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This week, Eugene Demaitre and I speak with Evan Drumwright, CEO and co-founder of Dextrous Robotics. The Memphis-based robotics startup, which is exiting stealth mode, is trying to automate the unloading of boxes from shipping containers. This is a major problem for logistics companies and a tough application for robotics.

Evan tells us about the company’s Chopstick system that takes a unique grasping and manipulation approach to solving this challenge. We also talk to Evan about his work on the Animo bipedal robot while working at the Honda Research Institute and his thoughts on legged robotics in general.

Aaron Prather, senior advisor for technology, research, and planning at FedEx, just last week told us on the podcast this very application could be the big problem for robotics companies to solve.

Dextrous Robotics

Dextrous Robotics co-founders Evan Drumwright (left) and Samuel Zapolsky with an early version of the Chopstick robot. | Credit: Daily Memphian

Gene and I also chat about the latest robotics investments, the remake of Short Circuit, Motional’s Level 4 autonomous vehicles that are coming to Nevada, and what a new MIT study found about how robots impact the future of work.

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Podcast timestamps

  • 0-8:35 Short Circuit Remake; All-time favorite robot movies
  • 8:36-39:51: Conversation with Evan Drumwright, CEO and Co-founder, Dextrous Robotics
  • 39:52-40:26: RoboBusiness Direct Preview
  • 40:27-46:37: Robotics Investments Recap
  • 46:38-51:09: Motional OK’d for L4 autonomous vehicle tests in Nevada
  • 51:10-:58:01 MIT study about robots and jobs
  • 58:02-1:00:27: Happy Thanksgiving!

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