Debrief: The Reddit Robotics Showcase 2022


Once again the global robotics community rallied to provide a unique opportunity for amateurs and hobbyists to share their robotics projects alongside academics and industry professionals. Below are the recorded sessions of this year.

Industrial / Automation
Keynote “Matt Whelan (Ocado Technology) – The Ocado 600 Series Robot”

  • Nye Mech Works (HAPPA) – Real Power Armor
  • 3D Printed 6-Axis Robot Arm
  • Vasily Morzhakov (Rembrain) – Cloud Platform for Smart Robotics

Mobile Robots

Keynote “Prof. Marc Hanheide (Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems) – Mobile Robots in the Wild”

  • Julius Sustarevas – Armstone: Autonomous Mobile 3D Printer
  • Camera Controller Hexapod & Screw/Augur All-Terrain Robot
  • Keegan Neave – NE-Five
  • Dimitar – Gravis and Ricardo *Kamal Carter – Aim-Hack Robot
  • Calvin – BeBOT Real Time

Bio-Inspired Robots

Keynote “Dr. Matteo Russo (Rolls-Royce UTC in Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology) – Entering the Maze: Snake-Like Robots from Aerospace to Industry”

  • Colin MacKenzie – Humanoid, Hexapod, and Legged Robot Control
  • Halid Yildirim – Design of a Modular Quadruped Robot Dog
  • Jakub Bartoszek – Honey Badger Quadruped
  • Lutz Freitag – 01. RFC Berlin
  • Hamburg Bit-Bots
  • William Kerber – Human Mode Robotics – Lynx Quadruped and AI Training
  • Sanjeev Hegde – Juggernaut

Human Robot Interaction

Dr. Ruth Aylett (The National Robotarium) – Social Agents and Human Robot Interaction”

  • Nathan Boyd – Developing humanoids for general purpose applications
  • Hand Controlled Artificial Hand
  • Ethan Fowler & Rich Walker – The Shadow Robot Company
  • Maël Abril – 6 Axis Dynamixel Robot Arm
  • Laura Smith (Tentacular) – Interactive Robotic Art

Thanks sincerely on behalf of the RRS22 committee to every applicant, participant, and audience member who took to time to share their passion for robotics. We wish you all the best in your robotics endeavors.

As a volunteer run endeavour in it’s second year, there is still plenty of room for improvement. On reflection, this year’s event had greater enthusiasm and participation from the community, despite a smaller audience during the livestream. The RRS committee is aware of this, and will be making strategy changes to ensure that RRS2023 justifies the effort put in by everyone. I will note that the positive feedback this year has been wonderful, a few people went out of their way to express how much they enjoyed this year’s event, the variety of speakers and the passion of the community. We’re confident that next year’s event we will be able to iron out the kinks and run a brilliant event for an audience worthy of the talent on display.

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