Cogniteam Nimbus OS aims to ease robotics development

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To address current robotic development challenges, Cogniteam released its Nimbus operating system that offers developers a drag n’ drop experience. Cogniteam said this will allow for rapid integration of spatial awareness tools, obstacle identification, navigation systems, cameras, LiDAR, and more.

As engineers develop the physical aspects of the robots, they can upload the blueprints into Nimbus and allow software teams to program the robot in a simulated environment. Nimbus offers pre-developed drivers and software packages in a drag n’ drop environment, making it easier to incorporate sensors and other features.

“By allowing hardware and software teams to work in tandem, instead of having one team wait for the other, teams can cut the time needed to test new versions in the field and bring their product to market 80% faster,” claimed Nachum Kaminka, CFO, Cogniteam. “This dramatically decreases development time and cost.”

Cogniteam also said that Nimbus integrates with the open-source Robotic Operating System (ROS) and other third-party resources.

Cogniteam Nimbus OS

Screenshot of Nimbus OS. | Credit: Cogniteam

“In the past, hardware-focused teams would focus their resources on developing the physical aspects of the robot. They become tied down by the unexpectedly complex nature of robotic software development,” said Yehuda Elmaliah, CEO, Cogniteam. “The Nimbus cloud-based platform makes it possible to share robot access through multiple teams, allowing software and hardware developers to work together during development and even troubleshoot in-field challenges, remotely.”

Nimbus has already helped numerous beta test companies to reduce development time and time to market. It claimed it can reduce today’s development cycle of 6 years to only 1.5 years. This platform has already been adopted by partners such as AAEON and Adlink.

“Our recent funding round, led by Andrew Owens, Founder & CEO of Seabarn Management, and Panthera home office, has allowed us to extend our product to new companies around the globe and scale robotic development and deployment,” said Dr. Nachum Kaminka, Co-Founder & CFO of Cogniteam. “We are excited by the positive response and the ability to share 11 years of robotics insight with the greater robotic community.”

Cogniteam raised $4.2 million in September 2021.

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