Cobot safety: fact or fiction?

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cobot safety

The introduction of collaborative robots, robotic systems that can work safely in close approximation with human co-workers, has increased task flexibility and expanded the number and types of applications for which robots can be used.

But what constitutes cobot safety? How can it be measured? How is it achieved?

In this RoboBusiness Direct session, a panel of leading cobot safety experts will review most critical issues for the safe operation of collaborative robots, including standards efforts, risk assessments, best practices and safety technologies. Real-world examples where collaborative robots are used for inherently dangerous applications such as welding will also be discussed.

Date / Time – Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

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Session Speakers

Joe Campbell
Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing & Applications Development
Universal Robots
Drew Akey
Collaborative Welding
Roberta Nelson Shea
Global Technical Compliance Officer
Universal Robots
Stuart Shepherd
Vertical Development Director
Universal Robots









There is no charge to attend this RoboBusiness Direct session.

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