Celera Motion adds Multiturn Inductive Angle Encoder

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Celera Motion today released its Multiturn IncOder inductive angle encoder, which is an addition to the company’s IncOder and Ultra IncOder Series. Celera said the Multiturn IncOder can be used for robot joints, servo motors, linear stages, cartesian robots and more.

Celera Motion

Celera Motion Multiturn IncOder inductive angle encoder.

Using an inductive technique, the non-contact Multiturn IncOder enables absolute angle measurement over multiple revolutions, even in harsh environments. The low-profile ring encoder offers a gearless design and does not require a battery backup supply. It integrates with Celera’s Everest and Capitan servo drives and can be direct mounted without special couplings or high tolerance.

The Multiturn IncOder measures the absolute angle position within a single turn, and also monitors the number of revolutions. Turn count is always retained, even during loss of power events, according to Celera.

Celera said the Multiturn IncOder offers:

  • An adjustable zero set function for easier installation and setup
  • A bearingless and gearless design that makes encoder wear-free
  • Non-volatile turn-count storage so the turn count is retained through power loss
  • A rugged design that can operate in extreme environments
  • SSI, BiSS-C, ASI, SPI Comms for integration with a range of servo drives and controllers
  • Multiple size and mounting formats for increased design flexibility
  • A low-profile form factor and large bore, ideal for more-compact and lightweight systems

The sensor offers up to 21 bits single turn resolution and 12 bits multiturn resolution (8 bits for SSI options) and is available as part of the Midi IncOder and Midi Ultra IncOder Series.

Celera Motion is a business unit of Novanta. In July 2021, Novanta acquired both ATI Industrial Automation and Schneider Electric.

In September 2021, Celera introduced a compact, lightweight inductive angle encoder that is designed for a variety of surgical, medical and industrial robots.

In February 2021, Celera added the Aura Absolute Chip Encoder Series to its line of precision rotary and linear optical encoders with MicroE technology. Aura uses a short wave-length LED for precise absolute position decoding. Celera said the series is designed for collaborative robot arms, robot joints, robotic grippers, surgical robots and exoskeletons.

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