BlueBotics signs distribution deal to grow Thai mobile robot market

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BlueBotics, a Switzerland-based developer of navigation systems for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), expanded its Asian footprint. It signed a distribution agreement with Thai factory automation specialist Planet T & S.

Prior to entering into this distribution partnership, Planet T & S was a customer of BlueBotics. It developed several AGVs, which are now sold into the Thai market, that use BlueBotics’ autonomous navigation technology (ANT). The technology uses a vehicle’s existing safety scanners to first identify and then match permanent features in the environment, such as walls, pillars, and machines.

BlueBotics claims ANT is accurate to ±1 cm / ±1° and that it requires minimal changes to infrastructure.

“Our ANT natural feature navigation continues to grow in popularity across Asia,” said Nicola Tomatis, CEO, BlueBotics. “By strengthening our relationship with Planet T & S, we look forward to continuing this upward trajectory. With its strong customer network and direct AGV development experience, I am confident Planet T & S is the right partner to help us expand the adoption of ANT® across Thailand’s growing ecosystem of automated vehicle producers.”

BlueBotics ANT

Founded in 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand, Planet T & S is a leading automation technology service provider. The company has over five years of AGV experience and has commissioned more than 80 vehicles across Thailand to date.

“We have worked with BlueBotics since 2019 to bring a range of robust underride, tractor and forklift AGVs to the market,” said Pravit Lertvichaivoravit, managing director, Planet T & S. “Therefore, we appreciate how well the company’s excellent ANT® navigation works and how closely the BlueBotics team supports its partners. We look forward to helping other vehicle and robot makers produce their own automated solutions, to meet the evolving needs of Thailand’s factory and warehouse sectors.”

This is the fourth such Asian agreement BlueBotics has signed in the past three years. It previously signed distribution deals with MacPion in Korea, Altech in Japan, and Shanghai TONGPU Electronics in China.

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