Bernie DNA Cleanup Robot

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Meet Bernie: a DNA cleanup robot that purifies DNA with magnetic SPRI beads. It can remove short and long DNA strands. Here is how it works according to the maker:
Bernie adds the beads to the sample. The desired DNA binds to the beads, while undesired impurities stay in the solution. Then, magnet approaches the tube and pulls the beads with DNA to the wall of the tube. The pipette removes liquid with impurities, while DNA stays on beads. After washing, robot adds an eluent to the tube. The eluent is detaching DNA from magnetic beads. Robot then pulls the beads to the wall of the tube again and transfers eluted DNA to a new tube.
This robot is currently in prototype version but works well on actual samples. It has a footprint of 54 x 57cm. Its software is written in Python.
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