ATI releases end-effector kits for FANUC CRX cobots

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ATI Industrial Automation

ATI QC-7 Tool Changer mounted to a FANUC CRX cobot. | Credit: ATI Industrial Automation

ATI Industrial Automation has released a slew of end-of-arm tooling kits that are compatible with FANUC’s CRX Series collaborative robot arms. N.C.-based ATI Industrial Automation said the kits include options for automatic tool changing, force sensing, and material removal. They enable tasks such as machine tending, part inspection, surface preparation and more.

ATI said the CRX-ready end-effector kits feature all the hardware and software required for system connection. Below are the CRX-ready end-effector kits that are currently available from ATI:

QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer: ATI’s newest standard robotic tool changing and storage solution. This lightweight tool changer offers a variety of configuration options with ATI’s Pass-Through Utility Modules and Tool Stand systems.

MC-10 Manual Tool Changer: The MC-10 features a patented locking mechanism and an ergonomic design that includes tactile click as well as a visual indicator of Lock/Unlock status.

AOV-10 Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander: This is designed for surface preparation and finishing. With built-in compliance, the AOV-10 is designed for many different robotic applications.

Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB): A motorless deburring tool for operations such as edge deburring, chamfering, countersinking, scraping and deflashing on virtually any material. As the cutting media removes material, the compliance allows for consistent results despite variation in part size, part positioning, or robot location.

RCV-250 Radially Compliant Deburring Tool: The RCV-250 is designed for the removal of flash and parting lines, as well as edge deburring from a variety of materials. The RCV-250 has integrated compliance and adjustable cutting force to simplify programming and enable a consistent finish.

Axia90 Force/Torque Sensor: A low-cost sensor that measures all components of force and torque.

FANUC debuted its CRX cobots at iREX 2019 in Tokyo, the world’s largest robotics tradeshow. The series includes two models: the CRX-10iA that features a 1,249 mm reach and the CRX-10iA/L that has a longer 1418 mm reach. Both of the CRX cobots have 6 axes, a 10kg payload capacity, and repeatability of ± 0.04.

Perhaps the first thing you notice about the CRX cobots is the color. Fanuc’s older CR Series cobots are green, while the new CRX models have a white finish. FANUC said the CRX cobots also are “significantly lighter” than the CR Series. Because they’re lighter, FANUC said the CRX cobots are easier to install, including for mobile manipulation purposes.

Market research firm Interact Analysis this week said it expects a V-shaped rebound for the collaborative robotics industry in 2021, resulting in growth of nearly 20%. It said China and the U.S. will lead the way after the market saw negative growth in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lineup of ATI’s CRX-ready end-effector kits. | Credit: ATI Industrial Automation

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