ATI develops Mini43LP ultra-thin force/torque sensor

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ATI Industrial Automation Mini43LP Force Torque Sensor

ATI Industrial Automation has developed the ultra-thin Mini43LP Force/Torque Sensor, providing high-precision force sensing in a rugged, compact transducer. At less than 8 mm tall, the new six-axis ATI force/torque sensor is designed for smaller automated applications.

The low-profile sensor body allows users to optimize their work envelope and preserve the robot’s lifting power for end-of-arm tools. The streamlined design features a bolt-down mounting pattern to minimize stack height, an angled cable exit to eliminate interference with adjacent equipment, and a large through-hole for simplified utility management.

ATI’s Mini43LP can enhance the accuracy and repeatability of research and development, product validation, assembly, and other micro force sensing applications. ATI said the Mini43LP is well suited for small delicate operations such as the assembly of electronic components or optics, product research and testing applications, laboratory automation, robotic surgery, and more.

The Mini43LP is compatible with all of ATI’s existing communication interfaces and integrates with miniature robot models from Mecademic, Yaskawa, and others.

ATI was acquired by Novanta in July 2021 for $172 million in cash. The price could increase if ATI hits certain financial goals in 2021. At the time of the acquisition, ATI was expected to generate more than $70 million in sales in 2021.

The deal was a win-win for most ATI employees, not just the co-founders and higher-ups. In 2012, ATI established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). An ESOP is a federally-qualified ERISA benefit plan that makes employees owners in the company. Founded in 1989 in North Carolina, ATI has become a global company with over 350-plus employees worldwide. More than 300 of those are based in North Carolina.

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