Aerobotix reaches milestone of 100 FANUC robots installed, integrated

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Aerobotix F-35 Mobile MIP robot system at Lockheed Martin Aerospace in Fort Worth, Texas.

F-35 Mobile MIP robot system at Lockheed Martin Aerospace in Fort Worth, Texas. Source: Aerobotix

Robotic systems integrator Aerobotix Inc. announced this month that it has integrated and installed more than 100 FANUC robots.

The robots support programs across five different countries, including the F-35 Lightning and the B-2 Stealth Bomber, as well as Patriot and advanced hypersonic missile programs. The Madison, Ala.-based company said this is a major milestone for a small business, particularly in a niche market.

Madison, Ala.-based Aerobotix focuses on designing and integrating turnkey robotic sanding and painting systems and on providing quality robotic inspection tools and methods. The small company also makes systems for hazardous materials handling. These robotic systems are used almost exclusively in, but are not limited to, the aerospace and defense industries, with clients including NASA.

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“The use of robots has drastically reduced the time and cost needed to complete these tasks and creates an ergonomically-friendly and less hazardous work environment,” said Keith Pfeifer, engineering manager at Aerobotix. “In fact, one of the main goals of Aerobotix is to ensure safer work conditions for our customers.”

This past summer, an international F-35 manufacturing partner chose Aerobotix to design, build, and deliver a second turnkey FANUC robotic coating system for the Lightning II inlet ducts.

Aerobotix has teamed with AC&E, Shape Fidelity, and FANUC to create a robotic painting system that uses a camera to identify the shape and location of all parts in the paint booth. It automatically generates a paint path program to apply precise coats with delicate thickness requirements. Two robots work together to paint both the front and the back of each part; this keeps operators from having to rotate the cart holding the parts in this tiny booth and shows that robotic cells do not require much space, said the company.

Aerobotix recently collaborated with FerRobotics to incorporate a three-headed sander and sand paper changer.

Aerobotix said it plans to continue to work closely with the aerospace and defense industry to provide technically low-risk and affordable robotic solutions.

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