Advanced Motion Controls adds compact, high-power servo drives

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ADVANCED Motion Controls FM060-25-CM servo drive

The FM060-25-CM is part of a new breed of micro-sized, high-power servo drives, immediately available from RBR50 company Advanced Motion Controls. Rated to output 25-A continuous and 50-A peak, this fully featured digital servo drive is small enough to fit in the tightest locations. It’s well suited for mobile and portable applications, including automated mobile robots (AMRs), automated guide vehicles (AGVs), material handling, warehouse automation, lab automation and more.

The mounting footprint of the FM060-25-CM is 50.8 x 25.4 mm with a height of 22.1 mm making it possible for up to three units to fit within the footprint of a standard business card. The FM060-25-CM uses CANopen for network communication. Along with this model are two lower current options, the FM060-10-CM rated to 10-A continuous and 20-A peak and the FM060-5-EM rated to 5-A continuous and 10-A peak, designed to the same dimensions.

Other features include:

  • 10-55 Vdc input
  • Incremental encoder and BISS C-mode feedback
  • Torque, velocity, and position operating modes
  • Configuration and full loop tuning

The FM060-25-CM can be configured to work with any servo motor because the control loops for current, velocity and position can be individually tuned to match the application’s motor, load inertia, supply voltage and motion requirements.

Once configured for the system, the FM060-25-CM can be controlled over a CANopen network using PVT commands or profile motion commands. It can also be commanded using analog signals, indexes & sequences, step & direction, and encoder following.

Here is a quick look at even more specifications for the FM060-25-CM servo drive:

Advanced Motion Controls was named a 2020 RBR50 company for developing 15 models of FlexPro servo drives between 2019-2020. The new FlexPro models enable robotics developers and vendors to select precisely the servo drives they need for power and endurance.

Advanced Motion Controls has developed drives that can be used in increasingly specialized robotics applications. They can tolerate vibration and high temperature, use a wide range of voltages for different types of batteries, and be placed nearly anywhere in a device.

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