ACEINNA unveils system for autonomous vehicle positioning

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Aceinna navigation module

ACEINNA’s inertial navigational module can be used for autonomous vehicles. | Source: ACEINNA

ACEINNA today announced the INS401 INS and GNSS/RTK solution for autonomous vehicle precise positioning. The INS401 is part of ACEINNA’s new product portfolio that provides high accuracy and high integrity localization for developers and manufacturers of ADAS and Autonomy solutions for autonomous vehicles of all types.

The INS401 is a high performance inertial navigation system with an RTK-enabled dual frequency GNSS receiver, triple-redundant inertial sensors and positioning engine. It is designed for use in L2+ and higher ADAS and other high-volume applications requiring precise position information. The INS401 provides cm-level accuracy, enhanced reliability and superior performance during GNSS outages. The dead reckoning solution delivers strong performance in GNSS challenged urban environments.

The INS401 is specifically developed for automotive applications using automotive qualified components and is certified to ASIL-B level according to ISO26262. INS401 is small, compact and turnkey with a rugged aluminum housing and it includes everything needed for design and development of a robust navigation system. At the same time, its flexible platform enables easy customization for fast time to market. The included “Integrity Engine” guarantees zero performance failure.

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“Based on a decade long history in ADAS and safety applications, ACEINNA is ready for today’s and future autonomous mobility applications,” Wade Appelman, president and COO of ACEINNA, said. “The INS401 is our next step forward, delivering complex INS/RTK technology to mass markets with turnkey products.”

The ACEINNA team has more than 20 years of experience and success in creating sensors and sensor solutions by integrating inertial sensors into fully calibrated and qualified IMUs and inertial navigation modules for a variety of demanding customer applications in industrial and automotive safety and control applications.

“We are now extending our proven solutions to the entire range of autonomous vehicle applications – from SAE Level 2 to Level 5 and bringing complex INS/RTK technology to mass markets with our turnkey products starting with the INS401,” Teoman Ustun, VP of marketing of ACEINNA, said.

The INS401 is now available directly from ACEINNA for developers and integrators that require high accuracy, lane level positioning.

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