5G teamup between AT&T, Badger Technologies to boost robots in retail

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DALLAS and NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. — AT&T Communications and Badger Technologies LLC today announced that they are working together to accelerate retail automation using autonomous robots with 5G wireless networking capabilities.

Badger Technologies is a product division of Jabil, which provides design, supply chain, and product management services to the manufacturing industry. Kentucky-based Badger’s autonomous mobile robots are designed to help retailers improve operational efficiencies and customer experiences by identifying out-of-stock, mispriced, or misplaced inventory, as well as store hazards.

These advanced mobile data-collection systems and Badger Retail Insight and Badger Retail Inspect can fill gaps in the collection and sharing of vital in-store data and images, but they also can tax a store’s existing Wi-Fi network.

To better enable seamless, uninterrupted network connectivity, the AT&T Foundry is testing 5G and IoT connectivity with Badger Technologies’ robots in a multi-access edge computing (MEC) environment. The goal is to demonstrate how 5G using millimeter-wave spectrum and edge computing could provide Badger Technologies with the low latency and high throughput required to process and share vast amounts of data while running concurrently with other in-store network applications.

“5G is an important next step to helping ensure shared visibility across critical inventory, POS and operational systems,” said Tim Rowland, CEO of Badger Technologies. “Working with AT&T enables us to better support our retail customers by delivering information faster to increase store efficiencies, improve customer service and boost profits.”

5G teamup between AT&T, Badger Technologies to bring robots to retail

Source: Badger Technologies

5G offers Badger Technologies more control over data

AT&T’s multi-access edge computing solutions could also help Badger Technologies increase hyper-local data processing by providing a more private network connection than typically associated with in-store Wi-Fi. This gives Badger Technologies more control over what data travels beyond the walls of the store and what data stays onsite, which effectively addresses mounting privacy and security concerns among retailers.

“In-building cellular solutions, including 5G, IoT, and edge computing, are critical drivers of digital transformation for retailers,” said Mo Katibeh, chief marketing officer at AT&T Business. “These technologies will eventually equip robots with both the compute power and lower latency needed to increase revenue, improve the in-store experience, and elevate employees to better assist customers.”

“Badger Technologies’ robots can help retailers make sure they have products in stock and in the right place, increasing customer satisfaction,” Katibeh said. “That leads to increased revenue. That’s the power of data.”

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