1MRobotics leaves stealth with $25M for micro-fulfillment centers

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1MRobotics creates fully autonomous micro-fulfillment centers. | Source: 1MRobotics

1MRobotics, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company developing the next generation of robotic dark stores, emerged from stealth with two rounds of funding totaling $25 million. The company brought in $8.5 million in seed funding and $16.5 million in Series A funding. 

Ibex Investors led the most recent funding round, which also included participation from the company’s existing investors Emerge VC, Target Global and INT3. 1MRobotics plans to use the funding to expand into new global markets and enterprise clients, and to grow its team. 

1MRobotics has designed an off-the-shelf fulfillment solution that can be deployed anywhere while reducing workforce headcount to the bare minimum. Genesis, the company’s first product offering, can turn spaces into fully automated dark stores. Genesis can be deployed as a standalone unit inside a shipping container that could be placed on street corners or other public locations, inside any retail space or at a warehouse. At its smallest, Genesis can fit into as little as a 30 square meter by 300 square foot store. 

Flexis, 1MRobotics’ other product offering, is built to meet the demands of quick commerce and on-demand delivery. Like Genesis, Flexis is fully automated and can be quickly deployed. Flexis has unlimited storage capability. It can hold things as small as a yogurt cup, to as large as a package of diapers. 

“Last-mile delivery is a highly challenging space where any brand/retailer/operator is pushing to deliver at maximal efficiency and in the shortest time window possible. Dark stores are a new class of infrastructure that is essential for Quick-Commerce and Direct-to-Consumer retail”, 1M Robotics CEO Eyal Yair said. “1MRobotics develops robotic nano-fulfillment centers, creating the next-gen dark stores designed specifically to meet the ever-growing need for rapid delivery and enabling quick expansion and optimal unit economics. Our systems are shipped globally inside standard shipping containers, ready to operate. On-site, the systems are deployable either as standalone units (within the containers) or inside any retail facility – allowing 1MRobotics the flexibility to position its units at any point around the world. 1MRobotics brings full automation and a modular approach, enabling rapid deployment at a global scale while ensuring a significant operational cost reduction. This is now a reality.”   

1MRobotics was founded in 2021 by Yair and Roee Tuval, now the COO. The company is also leaving stealth with collaborations with Fortune 500 CPG brands and Q-commerce players. 

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