The FAA will refund hobbyists who registered their drones


Those who registered their personal drones with the Federal Aviation Administration can now request a refund. The FAA will delete the drone from its database and give back the $5 used for registering.

Spotted by Recode, the FAA launched a web page for “registration deletion” purposes. Hobbyists can visit the page and request a deletion through a mailable form. The catch is that pilots must be flying only for hobby or recreational use — flying drones commercially still requires special registration and certification. You can view and download the official refund form here.

The option for registration deletion comes shortly after mandatory drone registration was challenged in court by model aircraft hobbyist John Taylor. In the case, Taylor vs Huerta, a federal court ruled the FAA’s drone registration rules violated a law passed by Congress in 2012. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act was signed by President Obama and passed by Congress; one of its sections states the FAA cannot declare “any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft.”

Hobbyists can keep their drones registered if they choose. For commercial drone use, I’d recommend checking out a training course like UAV Coach.

Via: Recode

Source: FAA

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