Scottish Robotics Thriving in Maritime, Manufacturing Industries

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Previously, I looked at how Edinburgh’s universities were leading the city’s robotics and AI efforts, and in the process turning it into a destination for research and education in Europe. In this article I will be looking at the businesses side of the Scottish robotics landscape, and the ways that Scotland is embracing robotics and AI as an industry.

One key area that Scottish robotics are thriving in is the maritime industry, specifically the development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Scotland has a rich maritime history, and with the rise of a maritime robotics sector in Scotland, it looks like this tradition is still strong.

In the manufacturing sector, Scottish companies are also increasingly eager to embrace robotics and automation, primarily as a way to cut costs, improve competitiveness, innovate new products and expand their global market share.

“The more businesses we have making innovative products, providing ancillary services and expertise and competing successfully on the world stage, the more prosperous our country will become,” observed John Swinney, deputy first minister and cabinet secretary for finance, constitution and economy last year, as he introduced a new action plan framework for Scottish industry.

Business Takeaways:

  • Scottish manufacturers are willing to invest in robotics technology, and have rates of automation adoption above those in the rest of the U.K.
  • The Scottish government is investing in its manufacturing, which should give a boost to manufacturers who have struggled to implement automation.
  • Maritime robotics in Scotland is a growing industry, and has already seen success thanks in part to places like the Scottish Marine Robotics Facility.

Setting a path

In August 2016, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a £70 million ($92 million) investment in a new strategy for manufacturing dubbed “A Manufacturing Future for Scotland.” She noted that manufacturing represents over half of Scotland’s international exports, employing nearly 190,000 workers. Scotland’s products range from food and pharmaceuticals to textiles and aero-engines. Read More

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