Robotics R&D Base Expands in Taiwan’s Labs

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Taiwan is already a leader in semiconductor manufacturing, but can government investment and multinational partnerships help the country be a robotics leader? In my previous article, we looked at how Taiwanese companies and service robots are part of that nation’s automation strategy; now let’s look at robotics R&D.

Robotics research and development in Taiwan is supported by the government’s Technology Development Program (TDP), which has contributed over $10.1 million between 2011 and 2016 to fund ongoing efforts to advance the depth of industrial technologies and create innovative technologies.

“Based on Taiwan’s economic and strategic location and its advantages in R&D, the government is proactively encouraging domestic and overseas enterprises to set up R&D centers in Taiwan,” stated the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Meanwhile, the ministry has implemented “Productivity 4.0,” a program that will spend a total of more than $1.12 billion across nine years to raise Taiwan’s status in global markets through the deployment of advanced machine tools supporting metal processing, consumer electronics, food, health care, logistics, and agricultural businesses.

Robotics-related technologies included in the program include precision machinery, intelligent control, digital design, human-machine coordination, and knowledge-feedback technologies.

Business Takeaways:

  • In addition to industrial automation, Taiwan is looking to maintain its technical leadership through robotics R&D.
  • Areas of focus at Taiwanese labs include artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, and computer vision.
  • Taiwan is working with enterprises and international partners and is investing more than $300 million to become an “Asian Silicon Valley.”

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