Robot Cluster Focus Keeps Massachusetts in the Lead

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BOSTON — At PTC LiveWorx here last month, Robo Business Media, the parent company of Robotics Business Review and Robotics Trends, hosted the conference’s first-ever track on robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Participants from Massachusetts’ robot cluster discussed the state of automation, new technologies, and products that are coming soon.

One noteworthy session focused on the topic of Massachusetts as a leader in the robotics industry. Along with California’s Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh, Pa., the state is well-known as a contender for the title of the top U.S. robotics hub. Getting to hear Massachusetts’ case for why it should be Nol. 1 made for an entertaining and informative panel.

Business Takeaways:

  • Massachusetts continues to be a top state for robotics and AI R&D in the U.S. with its combination of leading universities and private robotics companies.
  • Government investment into the local robot cluster offers incentives for companies to remain in the state, as well as a way to attract new startups to the area.
  • Massachusetts remains focused on future of robotics as it adds more robotics and technology-related learning to classrooms of its public schools, which already rank among the best in the nation.

New England strong in robotics

The LiveWorx panelists were quick to identify the benefits of locating in Massachusetts. First is the availability of university graduates, many of whom stay to work around Boston.

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