Momentum Machines raises $18 million for its robot-powered burger joint


Momentum Machines has raised $18 million in funding, according to a recent SEC filing, to build robot-powered restaurants of the future.

The San Francisco-based startup has been developing its burger-making restaurant in secrecy since at least June last year. In 2014, Momentum Machines revealed a concept said to crank out 400 burgers an hour.

A bit of a recap. Momentum Machines’ burger bot cooks fresh and customized burgers. The patty meat can be blended, vegetables can be picked, and cooking time can be customized to each customer’s appetite. The concept doesn’t look like your traditional robot. It’s basically a behemoth-sized oven that blends and cooks meat, adds vegetables, and bags finished burgers.

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Last summer, Momentum Machines turned to Craigslist searching for job applicants interested in software troubleshooting, market research, and product development. Instead of robots, humans would maintain the restaurant, cleaning floors and helping customers.

No word on when the doors will open. In the meantime, you can try Cafe X for coffee brewed by industrial robotic arms.

Via: Business Insider

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