Drone Racing League’s new drone flies faster than a sports car


This 1.76-pound drone is faster than your car, and it recently set the Guinness World Record for world’s fastest drone or “Fastest ground speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.”

Drone Racing League (DRL) yesterday tested the world’s fastest racing drone to date, the DRL RacerX. The drone was built by Ryan Gury, DRL’s director of product, and a team of engineers. DRL RacerX weighs in at 800 grams and travels at a top speed of 179.6 miles per hour. Since the Guinness world record required the drone to fly back and forth across a 100-meter stretch, the recorded top speed was 163.5 miles per hour. Still, that’s damn impressive for a quadcopter, considering previous top speeds averaged 80 miles per hour.

Image: Drone Racing League

“We’re thrilled to put our proprietary technology to the test, as we’re all about speed and pushing the limits of drone design here at DRL,” said Nicholas Horbaczewski, the CEO and Founder of DRL. “The record-setting RacerX represents the culmination of years of technological innovation by our team of world class engineers, and we’re very excited to unveil the fastest racing drone on earth.”

Drone Racing League is now streaming its second season of drone racing on ESPN. You can view streaming options here.

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