AI, Algorithms Changing Business Practices; Europe Focuses on Drones

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Recent advances in AI and algorithms are will be bringing more of the technologies to the investment and marketing worlds, while industrial robot maker Kuka is seeking to move into the home robotics market. Meanwhile new European drone policy continues their global leadership in the field.

Robotics Business Review has partnered with me to bring you this roundup of recent robotics developments. From AI to consumer robotics, Wall Street to drones, the robotics world continues to move forward. Are you ready to be updated?

Enable me, know me, be me

During CES Asia 2017, Huawei unveiled its vision for artificial intelligence in three statements: enable me, know me, be me. This sounds more like a marketing play but it is in fact a powerful look into what Huawei wants AI to do. Huawei doesn’t just want AI to support its users in different tasks, like adding an address and location of a restaurant mentioned in a text message. It wants its AI to start learning about the world, autonomously, even when the user isn’t using their phone. And while this brings to mind an array of new possibilities, it also leads to an even bigger need to have proper cyber security and data laws in place.

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